4 benefits of a live answering service

Are ringing phones breaking your concentration at work? Are you struggling to answer all calls that come your way? A live answering service provides a simple but effective solution to these problems. By entrusting your incoming calls to professional phone operators, you gain can take control of your time without losing any valuable customer calls. Here are four of the biggest benefits you get from live phone answering services:

Focus on one task at a time

When a call interrupts you in the middle of a task, you don’t just lose the minutes you spend on the phone—you also lose the time it takes to get your focus back. According to studies, it can take as long as 23 minutes to fully recover from a distraction! With a live answering service, you can set aside parts of the day (or entire days, even) for tasks that require your full attention. Your calls will still be answered and you can set aside some time to get back to them. This way, your major tasks and your business calls both get the attention they deserve.

Take control of your time

A live answering service frees up your time in more ways than one. You get more freedom to plan your schedule day-to-day, as well as in the long run. Going on a vacation? Taking a business trip? Renovating the office? With a live answering service, you’ll have one less thing to worry about while attending to these. Most professional answering services are available 24/7, even on holidays and weekends, for no extra charge. This gives you unrivalled freedom in how you plan your calendar.

Capture more leads

Each phone call brings the potential for more business, so those missed calls can add up to a lot of lost opportunities. Using a live answering service to take calls while you’re busy or handle overflow calls means you don’t miss any of these leads. Alternatively, you can use the service to answer calls outside of office hours, opening up even more opportunities.

Save on customer service

Having a real person answering your calls is a simple way to vastly improve customer service. Three out of four times, a caller who ends up in voicemail won’t leave a message. But with a real person answering the phone, they’re much more likely to engage—even if it’s just to leave that message. Hiring a full-time receptionist or phone operator would involve a whole range of costs: salary, overhead, equipment for their use, and so on. A live answering service costs a fraction of all that and offers greater flexibility: you can have calls answered on weekends, holidays and after hours.

Get started with live answering

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