Missing calls while you’re out on a job? Get a live answering service.

All small businesses run into trouble with customer calls every so often, but when your job involves being out of the office a lot—as with tradies and sole proprietors—the problem can be harder to solve. After all, you can’t keep answering the phone while attending to other customers.

How do you keep the balance between being on the phone and being on the job?

Answering Services Australia present a solution: by redirecting your incoming calls to a live answering centre, you can have professional phone operators answer customers for you while you’re busy. You get a message with the callers’ details and can get back to them later on. You don’t lose focus, but neither do you lose the lead.

Why choose a live answering service?

Quite a few small businesses hesitate to answering services because of the costs. And while it’s true that phone answering service costs can seem to run high at first, they open up opportunities to earn back what you spend. Callers are up to thrice as likely to leave a message with another person compared to voicemail or other automated responses. That’s a significant boost in business from otherwise lost leads—ones that would’ve probably gone to your competitors instead. Better still, a live answering service lets you take control of your working time. Even if you’re willing to put in 80 hours a week, tasks take a lot longer when you’re constantly interrupted by incoming calls. With an answering service, you can work smarter and faster. In short, you can work the way that’s best for you.

Call routing, overflow and after-hours answering services.

So how do you make the most of a live answering service? There are two methods businesses often use to capture more leads over the phone. You can use conditional call routing to handle unanswered or overflow calls, or you can use an after-hours answering service to attend to customers who call later in the day. Which one you use depends on how you usually operate. With conditional call routing, you can have your answering service pick up calls based on certain situations. For instance, you can redirect calls that go unanswered for more than two or three rings. Or, to handle overflow, you could redirect contacts who try to call when you’re busy. This option works well for businesses that are often overwhelmed during business hours or that don’t expect many after-hours leads. An after-hours answering service, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like. You can set your business hours with your service provider and they’ll only keep your service active outside of those hours. It’s good for businesses that expect a lot of leads outside their normal operating hours.

Get a live answering service that works for you.

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