Get more information on our phone answering services.

What is a phone answering service?
A phone answering service provides you with live operators who answer your calls in your business name 24/7, regardless of weekends or holidays.
Where will my calls be answered?
Our partnered call centres are all based in Australia to ensure smooth communication with your callers.
Do I have control over what live operators say?
Yes. We’ve made sure you can freely issue the same directions as you could with an in-house receptionist. You may set up a custom greeting and sign-off, and you can add up to 3 additional questions for our operators to ask.
What’s the difference between your PA and PA TRANSFER plan types?
Both the base PA and PA TRANSFER tiers include a real, professional operator who answers calls in your business name and takes messages for you. Meanwhile, only PA TRANSFER plans include availability checking and call transferring features.
When do you consider a call as “after-hours”?
The definition is flexible, and will depend on your business’ operating hours, as our phone answering and messaging services are available 24/7.
Does it matter if I use a landline, mobile, or VoIP phone? Can I still apply for an answering service?
Phone answering can work perfectly with any endpoint or device, so long as your assigned number allows call forwarding.

Do you have other questions?

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