Customise your virtual receptionist service by selecting from the following features.

personalised greetings

Personalised greetings

Choose from our selection of free standard greetings or have our live operators use custom greeting and sign-off script for your calls.

muti-user support

Multi-user message taking support

Have our virtual receptionists screen incoming calls for multiple individuals or departments. Messages taken will be forwarded to each intended recipient.

call transfers

Call transfers

Have the option to have your calls transferred to you, depending on time, date, or your availability.

find me feature

Find me feature

Add alternate phone numbers that your virtual receptionist may try for additional call transfers if your main line is unavailable.

custom questions

Custom questions

Assign up to 3 custom question fields to get more information from your callers or about their enquiry.

forward copies of your messages

Forward copies of your messages

Let our live operators send copies of your messages to multiple recipients through SMS and email.